Out-of-town and want to place a bid by proxy?  Simply email: [email protected]  the following…

  •  Barbie Item #
  •  Title of Barbie you are interested in
  • Your Name, Phone Number, and preferred Email Address
  •  The Maximum Bid for your item

We will (incrementally) bid for you until it reaches your maximum bid.  And if the bidding has reached your limit, we will contact you for further direction.   Know that though things might get heated on the closing day of the Auction (April 9th from 11:00am – 2:00pm), we are on it and will be in touch!

 * Note: Shipping costs are not included in final bids and will be added to the final total.  Due to the delicate craftsmanship of specific dolls, some Barbie Items are available for pick-up only.