9:00-9:30AM PT

Instructor:  Andrea Rios

Through a sampler of ways of moving, singing, and playing together, the parents/guardians and their children will work towards a trustful, non-hierarchical and non-verbal communication channel. Children and Parents will put in practice and develop their motor skills while being offered opportunities to become aware of rhythms, body weight, balance, and more.

Supplies: Masks required inside SCC building.  Comfortable clothing or dancewear.  Dance shoes, ballet slippers or barefoot.  Please no socks (grippy kind ok) or tights as the floor can be slippery.


$108 members

Parent/Guardian and Toddlers
Ages 1-4

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Andrea Rios

Andrea Rios


Andrea Ríos is an educator of Contemporary Dance, Spanish Language and Spanish Literature; a native Spanish speaker born in Monterrey, Mexico; a contemporary dancer, a film actress, a choreographer, an improviser, a creative writer, a grant writer,  and a producer. She obtained her technical degree as Contemporary Dancer from Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, her B.A. in Hispanic Literature from Tec de Monterrey and her M.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College. Her biggest passion is to create original ideas that can become dance, film, theatre or publishing productions. For this reason, in 2012 she created Body in U, a project-based, dance-centered, production and education company. This company has had the honor of impacting people from around the globe like in  the theatre adaptation to the Mayan legend “El enano de Uxmal” premiered in a public school in Boston, Massachusetts and later adapted in a public school in México or  the award-winning documentary dance-film “Aleks” filmed in Montréal, Canada. As an educator, she believes that the arts enhance our human experiences because they make us, in a way, be connected with the divine, express our emotions, develop authentic empathy, understand ourselves, think and become aware of life in our own unique  way.  She knows every single student has its own universe (background, identity, concept of self and the world, natural rhythm or salient type of intelligence) and she is moved by the possibility of offering  spaces where bridges can be formed. She dreams of creating pieces with and for the children where an alternative world can be formed. A world in which everybody, including the audience members, has the invitation to be transformed.