MONDAYS, MARCH 7-28, 2022 
9:00AM-12:00PM PT

Instructor:  Alina Nuebel

Location: Room 208

During this in-person class, designed for beginners, we will spend four weeks making drawings that teach us about line, form, and composition by drawing both from reference images and from life. Want to learn to draw, or get guidance as you work on refining drawing skills you’ve already got? This may be the class for you! There are lots of ways you will be able to apply the skills you learn in this class:

  • Draw for fun!
  • Painting!
  • Printmaking!
  • Design work for other kinds of projects, like ceramics and fiber arts!
  • Creative expression! – Expand your journaling practice!
  • And So! Much! More!

There will be in-person skill demonstrations and contemporaneous instructor feedback during work periods. While we will mostly work on drawings in class, there will also be homework exercises to reinforce the concepts that we tackle in class. Join us for four weeks of fun and learning! Returning students are welcomed, as the projects and focus shift between offerings.

$153 Members

Beginning / Intermediate
Ages 18+

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Alina Nuebel

Alina Nuebel


Alina Nuebel has been painting for over fifteen years across a range of media, and has been making art since the first time someone left a box crayons unattended (with a bit of a detour through higher education to study ecology). Alina’s art tends to be a playful tour though the local Sonoma County landscape –though not always at the scale that people expect! These days, most of Alina’s paintings and drawings are strongly influenced by natural history illustration and a general fascination with plants, insects, ecology, and the tiny organisms that are easily overlooked.