NEXT SEWING SESSION: Monday, Jan 27th from 4:30 – 6:30pm, Room 201
Please register to participate by Saturday, Jan. 25th
Dearest “Dress A Girl Around the World” participants,
Barbara Johnsen and I want to express our deepest gratitude to you . The response from the community has been heart warming and we have been overwhelmed by how generous people have been with their time and creativity.
In just a month’s time, including our 2 Sonoma Community Center sessions and volunteers working at home, we have collectively made over 70 dresses for girls in need!  You should all feel so proud!  (Examples of some of our completed dress are attached for you enjoyment.)
Livermore’s Dress a Girl Ambassador, Suzanne Beck informed us that we can expect our dresses to be hand delivered to girls in either Haiti in January with H.A.R.T (HART FUND) or to Ethiopia in early March with Doctors Giving Back (Doctors Giving Back – Give Water…Save Lives in Africa).  We will gladly confirm with you once we hear back in the New Year.
In the meantime, if this is a project that resonates with you, we are still sewing and will still be accepting even more dresses in the future.  Completed dresses can be dropped off in the Fiber Studio and available kits can also be found here too.
And because of the interest, starting in January of 2020, the last Monday of each month will now become a Philanthropy Night in the Fiber Studio, Room 201!  So save the dates – every last Monday of the month from 4:30-6:30pm – and stay tuned for monthly details.  (And feel free to contact me directly if you have any fiber related philanthropic suggestions for the future.)
With gratitude,
– Eric Jackson
Fiber Arts Department Head




You are welcome to sew dresses at home as well.  We ask that you only use the basic, simple 100% cotton fabrics that is not thin (see-through) – ideally with colorful patterns.

Additionally, the Fiber Studio has a free open studio every Wednesday evening form 4:30-6pm where all supplies, tools, and materials are free and available.  Dress sewers are more than welcome to use this Happy Hour as their weekly workspace as well.



The Fiber Studio (Room 201) will be providing sewers with kit drop-off and pick-up opportunities.  Any finished dresses can be submitted here.  And any kits available  for sewing, if available, will also be found in Room 201 from Tues – Sat, between the hours of 11am- 5pm.  If the room is closed/locked for any reason, please visit the Main Office downstairs for assistance.


Have a question about the dress construction?  Please contact Barbara Johnsen at [email protected].

Dress a Girl Around the World is a far reaching program that organizes volunteers to gather, sew and distribute dresses to girls in need around the world.   Since its inception in October of 2009, Dress A Girl has delivered over one million dresses to 81 countries.    For most of these girls it is the only gift they will ever receive, and it affords them the dignity of having something beautiful of their own.  Sex trafficking awareness is a part of the DAG program, which further helps these young women stay safe in their communities.  

“The reason I believe this project is a good fit for Sonoma is this is a generous and benevolent community eager to volunteer for a multitude of causes,” says Co-organizer Barbara Johnsen.  “Many of our fundraisers, however, cost hundreds of dollars to attend and are simply out of reach for many in our community. What makes DAG unique is it costs absolutely nothing to participate, yet has universal appeal and a global reach.”  All materials including dress patterns, fabrics and other supplies, have all been donated for this event.

The Center welcomes anyone willing to give back.  “There are spots available for sewers and non-sewers,” Fiber Arts Department Head Eric Jackson added.  “ We need people who can cut a pattern, help in assembly, as well as sew a simple straight line.” Because space is limited, interested volunteers are asked to sign-up by Friday, December 6th in order to reserve a spot. 


For more Fiber Dept & Dress a Girl event information call 707-938-4626 x3.