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Lama Tashi Norbu Mandala Creation in Gallery 212

October 1, 2022 @ 10:00 am October 7, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


10:30 Saturday morning we will start the event with an introduction followed by prayers for good health and good spirit. After the meditation there will be a short tour of the artworks.

After a lunch break, in the afternoon, around 2pm , Lama Tashi Norbu will create a Live Painting performance on a canvas. 


Sunday morning we start again with a short meditation and prayers for world peace and good health and good spirit for the people of Sonoma Valley.

During the day the public can visit the artworks and watch the creation of the sandmandala.

Around 3pm on Sunday  Lama Tashi Norbu shall destroy the sandmandala to symbolize impermanence, and will distribute the grey sand (grey color after the destruction) to the public in little pots or little bags.

That will be a souvenir for everyone to keep on their altar, to remind them of the impermanence of life and the destruction of the sandmandala. After the mandala is completed and the ceremonies and the public viewing are over, the mandala is intentionally destroyed by sweeping the sand to the side. This signifies the law of impermanence- that nothing lasts forever and everything is in constant change.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 3 THROUGH FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2022 (during SCC office hours)

Public invited to view the artworks in Gallery 212. Artworks available for sale.

Lama Tashi Norbu is a Tibetan monk and veteran traditional as well as contemporary Tibetan artist, living in the Netherlands and traveling around the world for his art and Tibetan Buddhist activities.

He blends the traditional with the modern, his paintings still teach enlightenment and the path to Buddha hood.

Lama Tashi Norbu will be creating a sandmandala and additional artwork in gallery 212. Please come participate in this experience, October 1-2, 2022 and view until October 7th.


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