TUESDAY DECEMBER 7, 2021  6:30-8:00PM PT

Instructor:  Elise Gonzales-Sahota

Location: Rotary Kitchen

North Indian Delights! Dive into the basics of home and restaurant style Indian Cuisine with Chef Elise from Go Spiced. Come hungry, leave happy! This hands on cooking class includes a sit down dinner after students prepare their own meal. Everything is provided, you will take home spices and the recipe card! 


12/7  North Indian delights – daal, tamarind Chana raita, quick pickle

$60 per class

Intro Level
Age 18+

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Elise Gonzales-Sahota

Elise Gonzales-Sahota


Chef Elise Gonzales-Sahota began her culinary journey as an intern in the  spicy restaurant Gunpowder in Hauz Khaz artisan market of New Delhi, India. Studying with homechefs and aunties across the Indian subcontinent, Elise began experimenting with local produce at her local village market in the Indian Himalayas, trying to recreate her Sonoma, hometown favorites while infusing Indian spices. After a decade of community development, international tourism and working with youth from around the globe, Elise came back to the USA and established Go Spiced, a company centered around food and travel.