Free Opening Reception: Friday, April 15th from 5:30 – 7:00pm  

(Artist Talk at 6pm)

Sonoma Community Center’s Fiber Studio Artist (2021- 2022), G. Spencer Morton, exhibits creative work from a year long residency that included producing a monthly YouTube show alongside constructing wearable art out of unconventional materials.

“I undertook this residency with the concept to create a Year of Trashion, 12 trashion garments over 12 months. I have been participating in the Sonoma Trashion Fashion show for years and it never ceased to inspire the storyteller in me. Over those 12 months, I explored mindlessly disposed of materials and applied it to my interests in music, fashion history, cinema, and life experiences. Not only did I make the garments, but I also filmed, edited, and broadcasted the process digitally for anyone to see.

Trashion is totally unique to the maker and a direct reflection of their style and values. Unlike in fashion, there are no guidelines or rules, there is no judgment. Allowing me to create without fear of mistakes or wasting valuable material. The material is waste therefore anything you apply to it makes it worthwhile and an extension of you. It makes you respond to what you think of as waste and reflect on how much we all dispose of mindlessly. Both in the trash we create and how we value ourselves.”

– G. Spencer Morton

 The exhibition will take place in Gallery 212 at the Sonoma Community Center (276 East Napa Street, Sonoma CA 95476).  The Gallery will be available on a walk-in basis when the building is open.


For your viewing pleasure enjoy past episodes of Spencer Morton’s “The Trashion Icon.”

Trashion Icon Episode 1, "TRASHION RUNWAY"


Trashion Icon: Episode 2, "TELEPHONE"


Trashion Icon: Episode 3, "TWISTER"


Trashion Icon: Episode 4, "BORAX"

Trashion Icon: Episode 5, "MYLAR BALLOONS"

Trashion Icon: Episode 6, "VHS TAPES"

Trashion Icon: Episode 7, "GLOVES"

Trashion Icon: Episode 8, "TOILET PAPER ROLLS"

Trashion Icon: Episode 9, "CRUELLA DE VIL, Pt 1."

Trashion Icon: Episode 10, "CRUELLA DE VIL, Pt 2."

Trashion Icon: Episode 11, "TRASH BAGS."