Wednesday, May 18th, 2022  

6:00 pm- 7:30 pm PT

Instructor: Chef Maria Parish

Location: Rotary Kitchen

Love fresh Greek flavors? Here is your chance to learn how to make a Greek classic: Greek Spanakopita. Chef Maria will walk you through every step needed to learn how to make the filling, prepare the phyllo dough, and a few different ways to cook and enjoy this savory Greek spinach and feta cheese delicacy.

On The Menu 

Greek Spanakopita



$55 Members

Intro Level

Age 18+

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Plant Based Lebanese Culinary Class at Sonoma Community Center

Maria Parish

Chef Owner at For The Love Of Food

Maria Parish a private chef and owner of For The Love Of Food based in Petaluma.  She designs, creates
and cook menus for dinner parties and special events. She has been a professional chef for the last 25 years training and working with restaurants, wineries, catering companies, hotels, private clubs, and private clients throughout California. Her background is based in Greek/Mediterranean cuisine, but is also classically trained in the culinary arts.