Dress up as your INNER ROCK STAR and join us for some Halloween Karaoke!

What would be even better than dressing up like a Rock Star and going to a wild fundraiser Halloween party? Being part of the performance!  We are inviting you to be a Lead Vocalist at our upcoming party by performing with a tight live band behind you!

SO WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?  Dress as your INNER ROCK STAR…I know you all have a rock concert t-shirt with a story, so wear it!  Throw on a wig, some ziggy stardust platform shoes….the sky’s the limit!  We’ll have a fully stocked selfie station with adornments like feather boas, Elton John glasses, etc to capture it all on your camera too!  Free jello shot if you dress up!!!

HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT TO SING?  Ok, so here’s how it works.  You decide before hand what you want to sing WITH A LIVE BAND (stop singing in the shower and show us what you’ve got!)  Bring that song you slay with in the shower out and share it with your friends!  Don’t know the lyrics, don’t worry.  Pulling them up on your phone takes seconds!  We’ll wait for your moment to shine!!

DO I HAVE TO SING?  Heck no!  We need those of you who would like to keep your talents hidden, to dance, cheer and otherwise have a ball watching your friends play Rock Star for the night.  Oh, and Sonoma Syndicate will also play from their own repertoire.  Vocalist Sharyn Paquette will be on hand to show us how its really done!

WILL THERE BE PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUME?  Yes!  Winners will receive two tickets to Sonoma Community Center’s popular Chili Bowl in February, and two tickets to a show of their choice for Sonoma Arts Live Season 2018-19!

We’ll also have lots of drinks and goodies on sale for purchase.  In addition to a signature karaoke cocktail, beer and wine, we’ll have jello shots!  What Rock Star doesn’t love a good jello shot!?