SUNDAY 2:00-4:00PM
SEP 22, 2019

Instructor:  Kyoko Nishimoto, Sonoma Cultural Exchange Buaisou member

Learn about the process of how to make and maintain an indigo vat/dye, using a traditional technique of fermenting Sukumo in ash lye, calcium hydroxide, and wheat bran with Buaisou member, Kyoko Nishimoto.  Fermentation takes eleven days in Sonoma before the actual indigo dye workshops start.

Using self-made sukumo, BUAISOU creates a fermenting vat following an ancient recipe called Jigokudate.  The vat consists of only four ingredients: sukumo ash lye, calcium hydroxide and wheat bran. BUAISOU avoids chemicals which are often used in semi-natural indigo dyeing process – such as caustic soda or hydrosulfite.  Our vat can be sprinkled back onto the farm soil after the vat is exhausted.”

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Kyoko Nishimoto

Kyoko Nishimoto


Founded in 2012 in Tokushima, Japan, BUAISOU is a group of “sukumo” farmers and dyers. Sukumo is Japanese traditional indigo dye made by fermenting indigo leaves. The team grows indigo plans in summer, ferment their leaves in winter, and by the beginning of March, the year’s batch of sukumo is completed. Sukumo making could be compared to wine making. It has been a tradition for hundreds of years in Tokushima, Japan.