SUNDAY 11:00AM-4:00PM
AUG 18, 2019

Instructor:  Joy-Lily

Itajime (or clamp dyeing)  is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique using shaped blocks to resist the dye.  In this one day workshop we’ll mix up a vat of pre-reduced indigo and use it to create dramatic blue and white patterns on natural fibers.  Bring t-shirts and other small clothing, table napkins, pillowcases, quilt fabric to dye.  Watch your fabric turn blue like magic in the air, as the indigo oxidizes.  For even more exciting effects, start with a colored fabric, or over-dye your work in a red or yellow dye bath in the afternoon.

The $20 supply fee will be collected at the beginning of class.  Students are requested to wear old clothes and bring a lunch, an old towel that will get stained, as well as t-shirts, and other small items (i.e., table napkins, pillowcases, quilt fabric) to dye.  Those with waterproof aprons are encouraged to bring them.

$86 members

Ages 18+

To register for this class please call (707) 938-4626 x1




Joy-Lily is a quilter, author, dyer, printmaker, silk painter and surface designer and she has been a fiber art instructor for over 30 years.  She has taught silk painting, quilting and printing on fabric to older adults for 9 years on a California Arts Council grant. Her fiber art has been exhibited in the US, Europe and China, and published in Japan and the US.   Her teaching style is playful and collaborative: she presents techniques and projects that are goof-proof. Workshop participants create work they love on their very first try!