A 3-part series exploring digital design & 3D printing, wild clay, ancient firing techniques, and bicycle-powered pottery making.

$150 for the whole series (8 sessions, 10 seats available)

Please pre-register by October 25.

PART I: November 9,16, & 23: 3D Design, Printing, and Mold Making.

10:00am – 1:00pm

Nov, 9 & 16 Location: Sonoma Valley Regional Library

Nov 23 Location: Sonoma Ceramics, Sonoma Community Center 

Participants will work with digital design instructor, Lindsay Hunter, in TinkerCAD to design a unique object of their own design. Followed by 3D printing on the library’s printer, participants will then make a plaster mold of their unique, digitally printed piece that during Workshop II.

In the end, the digitally designed object will be translated into a clay object using native clays that are hand-harvested in Sonoma County. See Workshop II for details on this process.

Part II: January 11,18, 25: Harvesting Wild Clay and Ancient Firing Techniques

10:00am- 2:00pm

Location:   Sonoma Ceramics, Sonoma Community Center, 276 East Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476

In this workshop, participants will learn about local soils and dig native clays in Sonoma. After digging, individuals will process their clay harvest into usable clay for press molding. This clay will be used to make ceramic replicas of the 3D printed objects that were created in Workshop I.

The participants will finish off their clay creations using the Raku kiln at the Community Center for an exciting firing experience.

Part III: Feb. 2 & 9 or 16 & 23: Bicycle-Powered Pottery Mechanics

10:00- 2:00pm

Location:     Operation Bicycle, 207 Nino Marco Sq, Sonoma, CA 95476

In Workshop III the group of 10 will be broken into two groups. Group A will meet on February 2 & 9; Group B will meet on February 16 & 23 at Operation bicycle.

On the first day, participants will work on their own bike or provided bike to learn first-hand about bike mechanics. The second day, the group will form a team to configure one bicycle that will charge up a battery that will power the pottery wheel.

The finale of the series will be at the Tuesday Night Farmer’s Market where the participants can debut their pedal-powered pottery wheel and show how to throw local clay on the wheel!

Have questions or need more info? Please email Kala Stein or call (707) 938-4626 x9

This workshop has been supported by a generous grant from Creative Sonoma and is in partnership with the Sonoma Valley Regional Library, Teen Services, and Sonoma Community Center.