5:00-8:00PM PT

Instructor:  Laura Wachtel / ZipLine Improv

Location: Secret Garden

If you’ve ever wondered if improv is for you, here’s a great single-session opportunity to check it out with this one time intro. This class is for anybody and everybody, whether you’re interested in playing, eventually performing or in just getting out of your own way. Improv is great for working through shyness, learning to communicate in new ways, patience, listening, generosity and, of course, just getting out and laughing with other people. 

For those with little or no experience, this introductory class will consist primarily of games and exercises that are playful and engaging—getting us out of our judging minds and into the moment. Within these games we will delve into some of the basic, foundational elements that make improv work.

We will be meeting in the Secret Garden behind the Sonoma Community Center.  Students are requested to bring a water bottle.


Sliding Scale: $25-$110

All Levels
Adults 16+

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Laura Wachtel / ZipLine Improv

Laura Wachtel / ZipLine Improv


Laura felt she was stepping off a cliff when she attended her first improv class in 2005, yet she stuck with it and credits improv for overcoming her  shyness and self-consciousness. She surprised herself further by discovering a passion for both performing and teaching and believes that everyone can get something life-changing from improv if they so choose. She delights in those moments when something goes ‘click!’ with a student.