JUN 16 & 17, 2018

Instructor: Visiting Artist George Scribner

This two-day oil painting workshop is geared for painters of all levels and will concentrate on the fundamentals of painting. Class will begin with a slideshow of the instructor’s work and a quick summary of what will be covered in class. The focus of the class will be to cover the basic steps of painting, from design and composition to working with values, followed by using a limited palette of colors, plus white. The instructor will concentrate on the power of values. It’s where most paintings fail and it’s the easiest step to fix.

Bio:  George Scribner joined Walt Disney Feature Animation as a character animator in 1983 and is currently a concept artist and Animation Director who has worked on numerous projects including The Lion King and Fantasia 2000.  He resides in Valencia, CA.

Materials list provided.

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$216 members

Ages 18+

To register for this class please call (707) 938-4626 x1