TUESDAY 2:00-4:00PM
FEB 18 & 25, 2020


Instructor: Deb Carlen

Start—or update your writing life with the fundamentals of fiction writing.  Learn the components and how they blend to meaningful creative work.  We’ll define the seven components of good fiction, write dialogue, develop plots, foil them, and choose science fiction, mystery, personal narrative, thriller, or any of a dozen other genres.  Writing and laughing in class required.

Attendees should be Microsoft Word® users. Pages® is acceptable but not preferred.

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All Levels
Ages 18+

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Deb Carlen

Deb Carlen


Deb Carlen is a former journalist, a published, degreed writer, and has taught courses and lectured about fiction and non-fiction writing in 40 states over a 30-year period. She also owned an ad agency, served at the director level for several organizations and firms, and coached hundreds of writers and designers. She currently teaches writing, edits books, and coaches new and experienced writers. Many of her students and attendees have published their short stories, articles, and books.