Instructor: Tomomi Kamoshita

Kintsugi Workshop

Kintsugi is a gold joinery method that dates back to the 15th century.  A way for damaged pottery to be artfully repaired by skilled potters, the cracks and breaks are filled with a gold alloy – traditionally a mix of gold powder and Japanese lacquer called urushi – to seal it back together.

We are hosting “Modern Kintsugi” workshop sessions with Tomomi Yamoshita, where she will be teaching a modern version of kintsugi that utilizes resin based urushi and brass powder instead of natural resin and gold powder, which can sometimes cause allergic reactions. 

Tomomi also brings to the workshop her own style of inventing objects from broken ceramic pieces in an artful mosaic rather than repairing broken pots. This process is called Yobitsugi, one of the most artistic Kintsugi techniques. “Yobi” means to call and “tsugi” means to connect. Rather than only using pieces from the original ceramic object, Yobitsugi incorporates “foreign” pieces from other objects to mend the broken ceramic item.

Students are encouraged to bring their own ceramic or glass pieces to use in the workshop, glues, lacquer, brushes, and kintsugi supplies are included in registration fee. Each participant will also receive one copy of Tomomi’s beautiful kintsugi book.

No Experience Necessary
Ages 18+

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Tomomi Kamoshita

Tomomi Kamoshita


Tomomi Kamoshita is a potter and ceramics teacher, born in Tokyo, who travels the world teaching modern Kintsugi. 

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