WEDNESDAY, September 23 & THURSDAY, September 24, 2020

3:30-5:30PM PST / 6:30-8:30PM EST

Instructor:  Lynn Wood

Part 1: Teapots are an iconic pottery form in which many skills can be practiced and improved.  In this virtual workshop, using Zoom video conferencing, Lynn will demonstrate how to build the body of a teapot with slabs and all the necessary added parts- handles, and spouts. She will discuss the way the separate parts come together to function well as a whole. Details will include how to create a good teapot spout and a lid that fits well. A template is included with this workshop.

Part 2: Lynn will demonstrate how to assemble the teapot parts to create an integrated functional teapot. Special attention will be paid to proportions, angles, and functionality. This is the second part if the 2-part workshop.

Participants must pre-register for the workshop to get the Zoom link and tool list. Once registered, the links will be in your confirmation email. Consult your confirmation email for the tool list and preparation instructions including rolling a slab of clay ahead of time. The first 1.75 hours will be demonstration based and the remainder of the time will be time for question and answer, show and tell as well as discussion.


Participants must pre-register for the workshop Zoom access & tool list. Once you register, the links will be in your confirmation email.  

Some Clay Experience Necessary
All Ages

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Lynn Wood

Lynn Wood


Lynn Wood IS the Pottery Texture Queen. She is inspired by textures found in nature, architecture, and textiles and brings this joy into her work through pattern, texture, and color.  Lynn has developed her own patterned texture mats that can be used on hand-built and thrown pottery in a variety of ways and they are available for sale at Sonoma Community Center.  Lynn lives in Santa Rosa, shows and teaches nationally, and, of course teaches at Sonoma Ceramics.