Mexican Culinary Club

Session 1: First Monday of Every Month

Join ‘Chf’ Erik Majia from Ta’bueno in his Culinary Club and learn the diverse cuisine of Mexico. Each week students will dive into a new recipe and dish from different regions of Mexico. After you are finished cooking together you can sit down with your club and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

 What is a Sonoma Community Center Culinary Club?

Our Culinary Clubs focuses on learning one cuisine or particular techniques within each club. Each club membership includes:

  • 3, two hour class with your Club Chefs. There is 1 class per month for 3 months.
  • A potluck with all Culinary Clubs at the end of the three months. 5 – 6 culinary clubs will come together and share food over dinner that students have learned in their classes.
  • Community building and sharing with a food focus 

$225 for a 3 month membership   

Click Here for our Class Registration & Cancellation Policies

Please note once 12 people have signed up on the waitlist, we will ‘launch’ the club and invite the first 12 people on the waitlist to register and pay for their membership. Once 12 people have done that, we will begin classes. 

Erik M is a local “chf” owner of Ta’Bueno Co. here in Sonoma. Originally from Manzanilo, Colima, Mx, Erik was raised in the northern Bay Area. Erik has come to love Mexican cuisine through a lense that concentrates on its traditional and ethnic roots. With over nine years of experience in the hospitality industry, Erik began Ta’Bueno’s journey in August of 2020. Ta’bueno focuses on Gourmet Tamales, both for home deliveries and for local restaurants. On a seasonal wave, Erik dables in other dishes like The Three Stews of Mexico: birria, pozole, and menudo, often offering them as part of Ta’Bueno’s Menu. Being part of a very non-inclusive industry, Erik hopes to open up spaces where people can come together and explore other cuisines with narrative-focused education.