SATURDAY 6:30-9:00PM

MAY 30  (Previous dates cancelled)

Instructor: Jose Martinez

Join us for the Center’s first Paint & Sip series, guided by Mare Island artist Jose Martinez.  Participants in these workshops will enjoy a social evening and a single, guided project replicated by all participants.  Teaching will focus on the painting process—breaking down images to their most basic shapes and guiding students step by step.  Stencils or outlines may be provided to ensure students can leave with a painting of which they feel proud.  Those interested in branching out on their own are welcome to do so.

$54 members

All Levels
Ages 18+

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Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez


Jose Martinez is a Mare Island Art Studio artist who has been painting for over a decade.  His work is expressed through diverse forms including painting, drawing, and photography as he captures the beauty and intricate nature of the human experience.  Through the use of light, shadows and hues, he reveals a story, highlights an emotion, or captures a moment suspended in time.  His portfolio includes a dynamic array of mediums including oil paints, push-pins, watercolor, charcoal and pencil, as well as a diverse set of techniques which he actively seeks to expand upon.