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Instructor:  Helen Orzel

Location: Room 111

Learn the fun and rewarding art of playing the piano.

Music is an organic human experience that’s much more than the notes on the page.  Sometimes, formal music education forgets that, and Helen believes it’s all about bringing that human experience back to music.  Students will learn music theory, rhythm, how to read music notation, but more importantly, how to access an authentic musical experience.  Great for first-timers or those wanting to brush off their skills.

$45-105 per lesson, sliding scale.

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Helen Orzel

Helen Orzel


Helen Orzel is a jazz and soul keyboardist and vocalist, but she wasn’t always. The daughter of a prominent classical bassoon player, Helen grew up playing classical music on many different instruments and was trained at a German conservatory.  However, on returning to the U.S., she realized the enormous musical depth, storytelling, historical and social importance of jazz, soul, funk, and other genres which led her to totally reinvent her musical path.