Guided Exhibit Tour with Art Ambassador Gwenda Joyce

Date: FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019

Time: 10:45 AM-1:45 PM

Cost: $48

Location: Meet at TheTides Organization, SF Presidio

Program: Walk-through “Earth Air Wire Fire” gallery exhibit with talks by artists Sanda Manuila, Peggy Sebera and Bill Stoesser 

Lunch at the Officers’ Club: No host lunch at the Arguello Restaurant

Visit Andy Goldsworthy’s “Spire” made from felled trees in the Presidio’s aging forest atop the highest hill in the Presidio


Summary of the Exhibit:

“Earth Air Water Fire: Balancing on the Edge” is an exhibit presenting the paintings of 3 artists and 2 sculptors who share similar concerns about the potential destruction to our environment to sustain life as we know it. They broach these issues in their art in different ways, yet they have the common thread of seeking to bring awareness to this ongoing and possibly threatening situation through their artwork.

In California we are closely tied to our omnipresent natural environment. Furthermore, we are extremely aware of its abundance, fertility and the life cycles of renewal. However, our flora and fauna and their habitats are being threatened by ongoing forces that include climate change, human development, and pollution. More immediate concerns occur from the destructive influences of intermittent yet violent fires that destroy everything in their paths.

The primary balance of the elements of earth, air, water and fire is being disrupted and is shifting off course. We are living in a dynamic conflict between the fear of imminent loss and preserving and valuing of what already exists. The five participating artists give life to these concerns through the works on display.

Curator Gwenda Joyce will be present to talk about the show.
Artists Sanda Manuila, Peggy Sebera and Bill Stoesser will talk about their art.

A minimum of 8 participants is needed to run this program: tell your friends!



Registration deadline: TUESDAY, APR 30, 2019.