“RE-COLLECT: recalling Sonoma one year later” with Luba Zygarewicz, Mike Acker, and Barbara White Perry.
September 29 – October 14, 2018
Gallery Opening: Thursday, October 4th at 5:30pm

We here at the Sonoma Community Center are proud to partner with the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art’s FROM FIRE, LOVE RISES exhibit showcasing artists’ responses to last year’s Sonoma Valley Fires.  We present works by local artists Mike Acker, Barbara White Perry, and the art piece “RISORGERE” by Luba Zygarewicz created from hundreds of salvaged pieces from the Sonoma fires of 2017.

“These vestiges are organized and woven together into columns to create groupings symbolizing different “areas of a house or belongings”. The perpendicular structures are strung together horizontally to create a cohesive structure that is suspended with some pieces just above the ground.

Undergirding the structure, much like an offering, lay hundreds of pieces of melted glass salvaged from the fires. The glass pieces are arranged from light to dark and stand as symbols of the frailty of life, while serving as reminders of strength and resilience. My work investigates implied presence in light of absence. I collect moments…This installation as a way of connecting moments to create a tapestry of lives.”  -Luba Zygarewicz