SUNDAY 12:30-3:30PM
OCT 6, 2019

Instructor:  Sonoma Cultural Exchange Presents Buaisou Founder and Indigo Farmer, Kakuo Kaji!

Join a visiting artisan of BUAISOU, an indigo farm and dye studio located in Tokushima, Japan.  Learn the process through which they farm, harvest, and prepare indigo dye material in vats.  Then, create your own indigo dye pattern on scarf/shawl provided.

We will experience with itajime (clamp dyeing), shibori (tie dyeing), and ombre (gradient dyeing).  Each workshop participant will be shown how to create their own patterned scarf/shawl that they will each dye in the vat.

This workshop is presented in collaboration with Sonoma Cultural Exchange.

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$25 materials fee due at registration.

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Kakuo Kaji

Kakuo Kaji


Kaji is a founder of BUAISOU.  After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University, he apprenticed with master Osamu Nii, a sixth-generation indigo farmer based in Tokushima, Japan.  He engages in all aspects of production from indigo farming to processing, dyeing, designing, and will share about their work before assisting you with the indigo-dyeing process.

Founded in 2012 in Tokushima, Japan, BUAISOU is a group of “sukumo” farmers and dyers.  Sukumo is Japanese traditional indigo dye made by fermenting indigo leaves.  The team grows indigo plans in summer, ferment their leaves in winter, and by the beginning of March, the year’s batch of sukumo is completed.  Sukumo making could be compared to wine making.  It has been a tradition for hundreds of years in Tokushima, Japan.