SATURDAY 10:00AM-12:00PM
JULY 25, 2020

Instructor:  Jane Lybecker

In this online, live workshop using Zoom video conferencing we’ll practice basic needle-felting skills (wrapping and stabbing) by making an Easter egg, then graduate to making a sleepy bunny.  Sheep’s wool is used for felting, along with a felting surface (burlap bag of rice), needle pen, and a tool to wrap the wool into shapes.  We’ll use rougher core wool for the core/center of our creations, then add smoother brighter top coat wool over the core for finish and details.  Wool is a very forgiving sculpting material.

We will – to quote Sara Renzulli, an amazing wool artist – “Stab it to life!”

Supply List Available HERE.

$25 + $60 Supplies Provided

Beginning +
Ages 18+

Jane Lybecker

Jane Lybecker


Jane Lybecker has been a Technology Trainer for over 25 years, doing IT support and training at an optical engineering society, for the US Coast Guard, then as a trainer/course developer at Dell.  She’s a certified yoga, kickboxing and group exercise instructor.  She’s been searching for her crafting North Star, trying everything from macrame to broom making.  Needle felting was love at first stab.