Sonoma Ceramics announced recently that AMACO Brent  will sponsor Sonoma Ceramic’s Equity in Clay Scholarships for the upcoming Virtual Surface Series produced by Sonoma Ceramics. The Equity in Clay Scholarships (EQCLAY20) provide workshop seats at a reduced rate to anyone who self-identifies as an underrepresented or marginalized individual. 

“Sonoma Ceramics is thrilled to have AMACO Brent’s support for our Equity in Clay scholarships—we are committed to programming that bolsters the ceramics community through education and accessibility. Through virtual programming and our EQCLAY20 scholarships, we are able to reach a broader audience than ever before” said Kala Stein, Director of Sonoma Ceramics. “We began the EQCLAY20 initiative in June to promote long-term sustainable change in the ceramics field and the artists we hire are right there with us.”

To get the discount, self-identified marginalized individuals simply register using the code EQCLAY20. This minimal fee covers the cost of the ticketing software and licensing to run the class. AMACO Brent’s funding of the program means that instructors will still be compensated for scholarship students. 

This year is the second annual edition of Sonoma’s Ceramic Surface Series, and marks the first time that it has been held virtually. The Virtual Ceramic Surface Series takes place from September to December, and showcases workshops from a wide range of  talented artists from across North America, including: Melissa Weiss, Molly Anne Bishop, Kala Stein, Gabo Martini, Nicki Green, Soojin Choi, and Naomi Clement. 

All workshops in this series focus on ceramic surface treatment for pottery and sculpture, including underglazes, oxides, glazes, overglazes, decals, metallic luster, stenciling, sgraffito, mishima, majolica, and more. 


According to demonstrating artist and instructor Naomi Clement: “it has been a joy to be able to teach these workshops, and through them, reach an international audience! Not to mention the fact that the income from these workshops means I can keep the lights on—as a full-time studio artist, this time has been challenging indeed, but these workshops have been a beacon of hope for me and my future as an artist.”

Additionally, AMACO Brent is sponsoring demonstrating artists in the Ceramic Surface Series through donations of materials for their workshops. 

Sonoma Ceramics was an early leader in creating high-quality, virtual programing nwhen the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of regular ceramics programming around the world.  Through their virtual workshops Sonoma Ceramics has connected ceramic enthusiasts from around the world, providing artists with a new platform for sharing their expertise and continuing to earn an income in these uncertain times. 

Visit for the full list of Ceramic Surface Series workshops. 

Contact: Kala Stein, Director of Ceramics & Arts [email protected]

Testimonials from past Sonoma Ceramics Virtual workshop students:


“I love the overhead and side video’s. Even BETTER than attending a class in person! Plus, travelling to CA from Canada is too cost prohibitive even if it weren’t for CoVid so THANK YOU for this wonderful opportunity.”

-Virtual Ceramics Workshop Participant, Squamish, BC Canada


“Thank you for supporting accessibility and equity to marginalized groups and hiring instructors like Melissa Weiss who do the same. This is one of the reasons I will choose a course with you in the future.”

-Kate Fetterol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


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