Thank you to all of our sponsors, attendees, and volunteers for being a part of the 2017 Muse honoring Jack Lundgren and making it truly a night to remember!

The Sonoma Community Center, which, itself is a source of inspiration for artists and potters, musicians and thespians around the Valley, has an annual tradition of choosing a local notable as its muse and then celebrating him or her with a big party. That has been a local must-have ticket since 2006.

“The muses have always played a role in Valley of the Moon mythology,” explains Margaret Hatcher who, herself, has played a leading role at the Community Center for more than ten years. “The first Muse was Jack London,” but we had others who weren’t as famous but still movers-and-shakers in the Valley.”

We next talked to Holly Kyle, something of an inspiration herself if you are into world-class, gold medal synchronized swimming stars. She and husband, Steve, are this year’s co-chairs for the Muse of 2017.

“Who’s the Muse?” we asked her. “Well,” she said leading up to the name as if she were revealing the winner of the Oscar for Best Actor, “it’s someone who is the source of inspiration for the entire community but particularly for us at the Community Center. A guy who has cared for and repaired and improved the Center for at least 20 years.”

“Well, who is it,” we asked somewhat impatiently?
“Why, it’s Jack Lundgren,” of course. “As if you couldn’t guess,” she said with a knowing wink. “The theme for the celebration is ‘The House that Jack ReBuilt.

Jack Lundgren. That makes perfect sense. According to Jack’s own humbly told story, he moved to Sonoma in the “late Nineteen-hundreds” and fell in love with the Valley. Originally, he came here as the construction superintendent at Suzanne Brangham’s famous restaurant, the General’s Daughter. They’ve been together ever since. Jack and Suzanne have tirelessly supported the Community Center as if it were their home.

“Now,” Jack tells us, “the building is in dire need of further maintenance. Especially after the rains last winter, we had to do something immediately about the foundation. This spring, trying to get a handle on what needs to be done, in what priority and at what cost. There’s much to do.”