You are invited to be a part of Sonoma’s Community Quilt!

Wait!  You’re not being asked to do any sewing- leave that to us at the Sonoma Community Center.  This is an opportunity for you to be included in a one-of-a-kind art piece.

WHAT IS IT?:  The Sonoma Community Quilt is a large scale art project that will have quilt squares designed and created by community members and organizations that make up our fair Sonoma.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?:  Anyone can!  We will piece together squares from individuals, families, schools, non-profit organizations, local businesses- basically any local community member who would like to be preserved in a large scale quilted art piece.

HOW CAN I BE A PART?:  Come pick up or cut out your own 12” x 12” fabric square and create a family-friendly artistic representation of who you are or what your contribution is to Sonoma.  The squares themselves can be any color or pattern. You can sew on it, embroider, paint, stamp, distress, bead, bedazzle, draw, dye, print…actually the possibilities are endless!  You may also include your name or the name of your organization within the square as well. (We only ask that you leave all four edges of the square free for the sewing.)

There is a $5 submission fee for each square.  Fabric squares can be paid for and picked up at the Sonoma Community Center Main Office for you to decorate.  

You can also mail in your own decorated submission along with payment to “Attn: Community Quilt Project, Sonoma Community Center, 278 East Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476.”

WHAT IS THE DEADLINE?:  All 12” x 12” decorated fabric squares will be accepted through Wednesday, August 1st.  

WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE?:  Actually, why not?  You will get a chance to literally be sewn into the fabric of this town and into this visual history.  Every quilt participant will symbolize the importance of one’s role in making up a tightly knit (or sewn in this case) society.  When we come together we are stronger than the sum of our parts- this is how we are #SonomaStrong.  The Community Quilt will be displayed at the Sonoma Community Center beginning September 8th for all to see and be a representation of how multifaceted and wonderful our Sonoma community is.  

WHERE DO I GO FOR MORE INFO?:  Contact Eric Jackson, Creative Projects Manager (707) 938-4626 x3, [email protected]

Let’s all come together!