Trashion Artist Series Sponsored by Norby Anderson

START: 6:30PM PT  (9:30PM ET)

Artist & Trashion Judge:  Debra Rapoport

Fashion Icon and Trashion Judge, “Debra Debris” has made her name turning New York’s trash chic.  “Where there is creativity there are NO rules, where there are NO rules there is no fear.”  Session will include a brief Artist Talk, Q & A, and Demo:

Participants will learn how to create their own fashionable cardboard cuffs! Stylishly combine materials found in your home into your own fashion accessories.

This is the first of 3 free Trashion Artist Talks & Demos provided as part of Trashion Week Events, sponsored by Norby Anderson.  Attend all 3!  Register early – space is limited.  And come with all your “trashy”questions.


All Levels 
Ages 6+


  • Toilet paper cardboard rolls
  • Images like postcards / pages from catalogues or magazines
  • Yarn/ribbon/fabric scraps
  • Masking tape
  • Old leotards or tee shirts cut into strips
  • Mesh from produce bags
  • White glue
  • A few clothes pins (if available)
  • Scissors
Debra Rapoport

Debra Rapoport

NYC/1945.   My personal style, DRESSING UP, OVER AND AGAIN, is based on my what I call my ABC s…Assembling Building and Constructing using Color, Texture and Layering.  I love building hats/headgear.  To me everything is a HAT.  I believe “Style is Healing” and “Dress to De-Stress.”  “Where there is creativity there are NO rules, where there are NO rules there is no fear.”  I taught Costume Design, University of California, Davis (1970-1978). I have been featured in the film, “Advanced Style” and a TEDX talk. My work is in various museums.  (PHOTOGRAPHER is Denton Taylor @dentontaylor)