Trashion Artist Series Sponsored by Norby Anderson

START: 6:30PM PT   (9:30PM ET)

Artist & Trashion Judge:  Machine Dazzle

Meet Machine Dazzle, a concept based multi-hyphenate and Trashion Judge.  Also known as the Costume Designer behind theater’s Taylor Mac, Dazzle’s complex creations have been called “a new and heightened form of Surrealism” by The New Yorker.   It is never a dull moment with Machine.  Session will include a brief Artist Talk, Q & A, and Demo:

Participants will learn ways to make their own festive drink ornaments! Create moments of conversation starters for your first post-Covid gatherings.


All Levels 
Ages 13+

We will be making Self Portrait Drink Ornaments!
  • Clothes Pin (wooden pinchy kind that will attach to the cocktail) 
  • A masquerade mask base  – with just the eyes, not a full face (homemade, used, new.) 
  • Any materials that you have that represent you as an artist.  (Because we are using these near food and drink, all materials should be clean.)
  • Straw (metal or paper) 
  • The following quote will be your Inspiration:

Machine Dazzle

Machine Dazzle

Machine Dazzle (né Matthew Flower) is an artist living and working in New York City. Machine is an emotionally driven concept based multi-hyphenate. An artist, costume designer, set designer, art director, performer, performance artist, singer, song writer, writer and creative in general.  Breaking traditions, pushing the form, and thinking outside the box are all in a days work for this Capricorn Sun, Virgo Rising, Moon in Scorpio American. Machine’s motto, ” Glitter rhymes with litter! Get into it!”