Trashion Artist Series Sponsored by Norby Anderson

START: 6:30PM PT  (9:30PM ET)

Artist & Trashion Judge:  Marie Kneemeyer

Meet Public Education Manager for Recology Sonoma Marin and Trashion Judge, Marie.  Be inspired by her love for zero waste artistry with materials destined for the dump. Session will include a brief Artist Talk, Q & A, and Demo:

Participants will learn how to weave a basket using plastic bags!  Reuse can be a powerful tool when trying to give materials intended for the trash a second life. Plastic bags are tricky to recycle, but in this art project you can learn how to reuse them. Using a simple weaving technique alone, you can create this small gem. The materials and instructions outlined will produce a small basket you can hold in your hand, but you can increase the materials to make the basket as large as you would like. Feel free to adapt the colors of the various bags to fit the color palette of your choosing. In this example I try to go for a high contrast look of white plastic and very dark green plastic so that woven pattern stands out more. Whatever color palette you decide, you will end up with a beautiful woven piece that practices reuse in a stylish way.

This is the first of 3 free Trashion Artist Talks & Demos provided as part of Trashion Week Events, sponsored by Norby Anderson.  Attend all 3!  Register early – space is limited.  And come with all your “trashy”questions.


All Levels 
Ages 10+

 MATERIALS LIST to make small basket that can fit in one hand:

  •  3 plastic bags of similar color and thickness (preferably not the really thin ones or really thick ones).  * This will be your rope that you will braid. If it is too thin of plastic it will be too small of a braid. If it is too thick, It will be harder to manipulate. Also, make sure this aren’t too small.
  • One thicker colored plastic bag
  • One small piece of similarly colored (to your colored plastic bag) twine
  • A clipboard
  • One Yarn Sewing Needle (or a small crochet hook if can work if you don’t have this.
  • Scissors


Marie Kneemeyer

Marie Kneemeyer

Born in the rural gold country of California – Marie has developed a deep love and respect for nature early on in her life. Also growing up on a shoestring budget, she had to learn how to make the most of whatever materials she could get her hands on, even if they were things destined for the dump. These two passions fostered her ongoing love affair with zero waste. Along with her love for design she dove into the world of trash art doing various projects throughout her life.. She earned her BFA in Graphic Arts at Dominican University, and since then has had a variety of jobs including design, marketing, and nonprofit work. Now she is the Public Education Manager for Recology Sonoma Marin and gets to embrace her love for zero waste every day. She also continues to create trash art whenever she can get her hands on materials destined for the dump.