Annual Lectures — All Proceeds Benefit the Sonoma Community Center

UFOJim will present four different lectures at which you’ll go on the road with UFOJim (10/8) and then on 10/15, you’ll get an insight into a real LA event — along with UFO terminology. What exactly did Spielberg mean with Close Encounters of the Third Kind? How many “kinds” are there – and what does each one mean?

Mr. Ledwith has been a UFO researcher for over 50 years, including investigative work interviewing retired military and defense industry personnel, while presenting lectures on the topic at venues both nationally and internationally.  His expansive research includes Crop Circles, Area 51, Roswell, UFO conferences and an on-going fact finding.

These engaging lectures are suitable for doubters and devotees of all ages.  All proceeds from the UFO Lecture Series benefit the Sonoma Community Center’s arts and cultural education programs.