The Sonoma Ceramics program at Sonoma Community Center offered its first Zoom workshop on April 30, 2020. Our workshops are enjoyed by students from as far as Dubai, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Hawaii, and North America.

The secret sauce:  Alongside our great instructors, our workshops are hosted and facilitated by our knowledgeable staff who use multiple camera angles using at least 2 devices. Participants feel as if they each have a front-row seat in the class and they have the option to ask questions throughout the demonstration. Our facilitators have years of experience in the subject being taught, so their input compliments the content of the workshop and is an added value. The instructors are able to focus on their demos and questions are compiled and curated by the facilitator as not to interrupt. The demos are typically 1.75 hours with the remaining time open for reviewing content, socializing and live Q&A.

Register now, watch later:  All videos are available for participants to watch an unlimited number of times following the workshop (watch windows vary depending on the contract with the instructor). They are emailed a video link within 24 hours after their workshop. If one cannot make it to the live workshop, they can register and receive the workshop video to watch later. As they say- you do not have to be present to win.

Coaching and Equipment:  We coach our instructors in order to produce the best experience possible for everyone involved. If an instructor is new to virtual teaching, we help them prepare through one-on-one coaching. If you are a teacher and have students but don’t have the right space or equipment, don’t worry, we do! We have user-friendly solutions for those working remotely as well as our own portable gear.  Get in touch with us to discuss if we can help you with either option.

For a more just and equitable society: Partnering with instructors from, near and far, in combination with our new virtual programming, has allowed us to reach a more widely distributed, diverse audience and we are now able to offer opportunities previously not available. For long-term sustainable change, our organization is actively investing time and resources to examine our systems and reassess our foundational values. Those who self-identify as underrepresented or marginalized individuals can attend most of our ceramic workshops for $5 by using code EQCLAY20. The minimal fee covers the cost of the ticketing software and licensing to run the class.

We value our customers: By enrolling in our workshops, you’re employing the small staff at Sonoma Community Center, a private non-profit, and providing jobs to the artists we partner with. We depend on workshop income, memberships, fundraisers and grants to thrive. Thank you. If you’d like to learn more about how to support our organization, please contact us.


What people are saying:

“I was very impressed with the session you hosted and have already referenced it multiple times when talking about a standard for leading sessions.” –Cheryl Feldman, LMFT, ATR-BC, Northern California Art Therapy Association Board Member

“It has been a joy to be able to do these workshops, and through them, reach a wider audience! Not to mention the fact that the income from these workshops means I can keep the lights on—as a full-time studio artist, this time has been challenging indeed, but these workshops have been a beacon of hope for me and my future as an artist.  So thank you, and the whole crew at the SCC (I sure do miss y’all) for your professionalism, attention to detail, and making the transition to delivering content in this new way, an enjoyable experience! ” Naomi Clement, Potter & Instructor, Ontario, Canada

I really love, love, love the content you all are providing. I have a studio at home, but also take a Saturday morning class at the Phoenix Center for the Arts, mainly because of the gas kiln and the relationships I’ve formed over the years.  Of course, classes have been canceled, and I have missed the community.  Your virtual workshops have filled a void for me. SCC is one of the very good things that has come to me out of these strange times. Thank you for adjusting to the new reality and giving me the opportunity to learn from these amazing artists that I probably would not have otherwise.  You made it so easy to enroll and at a reasonable cost…thank you.  Giving these artists income, creating a new revenue stream for SCC, a win for everyone.  Looking forward to seeing what you all do in the future.Yvonne Allen, Student, Scottsdale, Arizona