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Visiting Artist, Modern Kintsugi Workshop

November 12, 2023 @ 10:00 am 1:00 pm

Date: Sunday, November 12th
 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Total Sessions:
 Tomomi Kamoshita & Maki Aizawa
Location: Room 117, Ceramics Studio
Adult, 18+ 
Skill Level:
 All Levels
Sliding Scale:
 $120 / $165 / $200
Financial Aid Availabl
e – Apply Here


About the class

Join us for this special opportunity to work with guest artists Maki Aizawa and Tomomi Kamoshita and experience the amazing skill of  Kintsugi or “golden joinery” and the artistic manifestation of the wabi sabi philosophy celebrating imperfection, incompleteness, and impermanence which dates back to the 15th century.

Modern “Kintsugi” Repair Workshop

In this three-hour workshop students will work with a broken plate or cup that each participant will bring, joining 3~5 pieces during the lesson. This simple project allows you to understand the basics of Kintsugi. The broken pieces are connected by mixing resin based urushi, brass powder, and liquid thinner; each added in order, little by little to bring together what was broken to be reborn with new beauty.

When you register for a class, you’ll be offered three price tiers. The middle tier comes closest to what our registration fees used to be, and covers about 50% of the full cost of your participation in the class – with the other 50% covered by community donations. The first tier creates accessibility for people with limited income, while the third tier covers the full cost of participation – so that we can use community donations to support other people’s registration costs. When you choose to register at the third tier, you directly help support the Center’s efforts to remove financial barriers for others.

The Sonoma Community Center (the Center) strives to create an inclusive, safe community where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The Center is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the fullest potential in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to creating a community of belonging. In order to ensure a positive, safe, and welcoming experience for everyone, all program participants are asked to abide by the following policies, community agreements, and restorative safety protocol.

About the instructor

Tomomi Kamoshita

Ceramic Artist

Tomomi Kamoshita is a ceramic artist from Tokyo. Tomomi was introduced to a modern version of kintsugi technique in 2010 and has been working and practicing on kintsugi and yobitsugi ever since. She is based in Tokyo and travels to the US and India to give her workshops in kintsugi. 
She was recently featured in CBS on kintsugi.

Maki Aizawa

Ceramic Artist

Maki Aizawa is an executive director of a non-profit origination, amu: weaving together arts, cultures and communities, based in Sonoma, California. Maki is originally from Sendai, Japan and from her earliest years was creatively immersed in the traditions of Japanese arts and culture. Her parents ran one of the most famous kimono-making schools in Japan and with her mother, she teaches the art of kimono making worldwide. Maki also studied and practices ikebana (floral design), shodo (calligraphy), and the koto (traditional stringed musical instrument). Together with Tomomi, Maki has been sharing the art and philosophy of kintsugi since 2019 in the US and online classes worldwide during the pandemic.

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