The Muse 2018  –  Anything is Possible!

The Sonoma Community Center and the 2018 Muse Committee wish to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our sponsors, attendees and paddle raisers for helping us to honor our Muses, Steve & Holly Kyle!


Each year we look for a person who inspires us to achieve our mission of brightening lives through the arts, education and community-centered activities. That’s what a Muse does: provides the inspiration we all need to do our best. This year we have identified two such Sonomans, Steve and Holly Kyle.

Having identified the people who exemplify what it takes to build a community like this Valley we call home, we throw a party for everyone to come and honor these community leaders. A party we hope is like no other in terms of community spirit and passion. And we hold it right on our historic campus in the very heart of our community.

We hope you’ll come and raise a glass to Steve and Holly, our Muses, our inspiration, who have done so much over so long a time to build this community from the schools to the arts and much, much more.

The Muse is our single most important fundraiser. The proceeds from the Muse sustain and improve the Center all year long. The funding you provide supports our art classes, underwrites our educational activities and makes our community-service activities possible.

Anything is possible! Just ask Steve and Holly.