Thank you for supporting our Sonoma Community Center. We continue to be humbled and amazed by the generosity of our supportive community. We will continue to make you proud. 

A CONVERSATION with the Sonoma Community Center’s Artists in Residence


The aMUSEathon – 2020.

We were so happy to have over 45 volunteers, 34 amazing performing groups and over 1,500 viewers to honor Sam and Carol Morphy at the Center’s aMUSEathon: The Big Night In.

If you missed the aMUSEathon or missed your favorite performance or simply want to watch your favorite part again – it’s available to stream on our YouTube page (and please subscribe to our channel as well!).

Also if you missed the event but would still like to participate with a donation, simply text MUSE to 44321 or you can donate on our website below!

The Muse 2019

Thank you to all of our sponsors, guests, donors, and volunteers for coming out to support the Center and celebrate Gary Edwards with a ‘tip of the hat’ as our 2019 Muse, another fantastic success!

We hope everyone had a wonderful time on Saturday and we truly appreciate all the support, it’s a vital element for us to continue offering the programs and events enjoyed by so many people throughout the Valley.