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Muse 2023

We cordially invite you to join us at THE MUSE. This year we are inspired by the aventurous spirits Kimberly and Simon Blattner. They epitomize dedication to community and to our center. In honor of their unwavering support, we kindly request your presence to help us pay tribute to their contributions to Sonoma.

THE MUSE is our annual signature event which raises essential funds to support our mission to cultivate a vibrant community through extraordinary creative, cultural, and learning experiences. Sonomans of all ages come to our Center for enrichment through classes and events, but ultimately build connection with themselves and their community. As a sponsor, you will contribute to our mission, and play an integral role in fostering a culture of exploration, growth, and connection within our community.

THE MUSE is being held at the Sonoma Community Center on Saturday, October 7th. Elaine Bell will cater, Ellen Toscano will be The Singing Auctioneer, and the evening will be filled with opportunities for you to try something new and to be with your community

Experience the Power of Art & Community

Muse 2023 Sponsors


Vickie Soulier


Kimberly & Simon Blattner

Leslie & John McQuown

Cathy & Chuck Williamson


Bob Bertz & Scott Hale

Peter & Jared Drake

Winnie & Robert Farwell

Vanessa & Rand Rognlien

Carolyn Stone


Elaine Bell

John Gurney

Cherie & Keith Hughes

Rebecca & Craig Kreeger

Nancy & Tony Lily


Diana Sanson &
Ben Compton

Lucy Weiger & Bob Crane

Jan Erickson

Bob & Gretchen Gardner

Jeanne Walker Harvey

Lynn & Dub Hay

Bonnie & Tom Herman

Steven & Troy Hightower

Linda & David Keaton

Nancy Kirwan

Lynn Martin

Janet Nusbaum

Bob Kowal & Mark Sipes

Pamela Olsen &
Donald Ryndak

Karen Sherman

Dana Simpson Stokes &
Ken Stokes

Judy & Chuck Young

Sonoma CA … A muse is defined as a person or a personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. The Sonoma Community Center is itself a source of inspiration for artists, potters, musicians, dancers, chefs, and performers. The Center has an annual tradition of choosing a notable local as a muse and then celebrating him or her with a gala. The Muse Gala was first held in 2006 to honor people and personalities that have added to the cultural texture of our community.

Past Muses include Jack London, Jack Lundgren, Count Agoston Haraszthy, Alma Spreckles, Robert M. Lynch, Nicholas Carriger, Chuck Williams, Mary Ellen Pleasant, James Zellerbach, Gary Edwards, Steve & Holly Kyle, Elaine Bell and Kevin McNeely. The Center’s Muses are known to have made a significant impact on our Sonoma Valley community. The 2023 Muses are sources of inspiration for creative artists, philanthropists and friends throughout the Valley, drum roll please – Kimberly and Simon Blattner.

The Blattners stated “Service is our passion, we’re happiest not getting more, but giving more”.

Tapped as the Alcalde and Alcaldessa of Sonoma in 2020, then Mayor Logan Harvey said “I chose Kimberly and Simon because they express every single qualification and requirement for the position. They are selfless. They never seek recognition for their work. They are involved in a broad variety of philanthropic efforts in Sonoma, and they’ve done a lot for our community. They are just wonderful people who contribute so much.”

“We at Sonoma Community Center could not have said it any better than Mayor Harvey,” commented Vanessa Rognlien, Executive Director. “Community is at the heart of all Kimberly and Simon do. They embody all the best in community and what we strive to achieve here at the Sonoma Community Center. They are tireless in their efforts toward a more equitable society, passionate about sharing and creating art, and value teaching and learning. On top of it all, their love and respect for each other and their family is tangible. They are an inspiration to me.”

There is a long list of organizations that have benefited from the Blattner’s tireless and selfless service including Sonoma Valley Collaborative, Sonoma Valley Catalyst Fund, Sonoma Land Trust, La Luz, the Sonoma Valley Fund, Sonoma Valley Hospital, the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, the Sonoma International Film Festival, Save the Clydesdales, the Valley of the Moon Music Festival and Sonoma Community Center.

“We have an outstanding Print Studio at Sonoma Community Center,” commented Rognlien, “thanks to the generosity of Kimberly and Simon who donated two professional etching presses to be used in printmaking classes and by artists during the open studio time at the Center.”

Sonoma Community Center will honor Kimberly and Simon Blattner at the Muse Gala on Saturday, October 7. The Muse Gala is the signature fundraising event benefiting Sonoma Community Center.

The mission of the Sonoma Community Center is to cultivate a vibrant community through extraordinary creative, cultural, and learning experiences.

If you would like to sponsor the event or to ensure you are on the invitation list, please call Mary Catherine – 707-938-5626 ext 3 or email her

October 7, 2023 @ 5:30 pm 10:00 pm

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