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Sold Out – Tap Dancing for Teens and Adults

January 22 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm

Date: Mondays, January 22nd – February 12th
 6:30 – 7:30 PM
Total Sessions:
 Amanda Dareing
Location: Room 213, Dance Studio
Adults, Kids 12+
Skill Level:
Sliding Scale:
 $75 / $100 / $125

Financial Aid Sold Out

About the class

From Vaudeville to musical theatre to the silver screen, in the modern era, tap as an artform has emerged as also an excellent health and fitness tool that is also just very fun to do! Running can get you similar results, but if given a choice, would you rather run? Or dance?

Tap Dancing for Teens and Adults(12+ through adult) is a fun, low pressure environment that is designed for absolute beginners or those with some experience in dance or music. It also is a great way to develop musicality, timing, balance and improves memory skills and coordination. This class will also cover basic steps, terminology and basic rhythms and steps that progress into fun and lively dance combinations. You can’t help but feel great when you’re bouncing around to great music creating cool percussion rhythms with your feet! Come learn the basic steps of tap dancing, turn those basics into combinations then those combinations into routines. Learning tap is a great way to invigorate (or reinvigorate) brain pathways, a fun way to keep physically fit AND the inherent bouncing involved in the art form is especially beneficial for our Lymphatic system system.

Tap Dance evolved as an art form in the early 1800’s in response to the cultural oppression inflicted upon African captives by their captors. When stripped of their musical instruments, these resilient peoples turned their feet into instruments and started dancing their music. From the African American musicological tradition, tap crystallized as an art form as it found its way into 20th century mainstream entertainment through the Vaudeville traveling circuits.

You can find tap shoes at, Amazon,, and and sometimes Target for Kid’s sizes. Any color and style will do. Not necessary for the first class, may wear hard soled shoes. 

SUPPLY LIST: Tap shoes, dance attire suitable for free movement and comfortable for the room temperature. Being dressed and ready for class is part of the experience and encourages focus and participation. 

When you register for a class, you’ll be offered three price tiers. The middle tier comes closest to what our registration fees used to be, and covers about 50% of the full cost of your participation in the class – with the other 50% covered by community donations. The first tier creates accessibility for people with limited income, while the third tier covers the full cost of participation – so that we can use community donations to support other people’s registration costs. When you choose to register at the third tier, you directly help support the Center’s efforts to remove financial barriers for others.

The Sonoma Community Center (the Center) strives to create an inclusive, safe community where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The Center is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the fullest potential in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to creating a community of belonging. In order to ensure a positive, safe, and welcoming experience for everyone, all program participants are asked to abide by the following policies, community agreements, and restorative safety protocol.

About the instructor

Amanda Dareing

Instructor / Dancer

Amanda loved tap dance early on and soon was competing at national levels. She reigned dynastically at every entered competition for the 17 years she competed. Driven, Amanda poured over videos and gleaned combos from her idols Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers the Nicholas Brothers and others. Striving for excellence, she learned: “Compare your performance not to that of others, but to yourself the day before. That is how you break away from the pack.” Now retired from competitive dancing, Amanda relishes sharing the joy and health one feels when their feet are making rhythms as they dance to fun, happy music!

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