A week ago Elaine Bell called to talk about the cute feral cats in her barn and about how excited she is to be able to feed people in need.

She had discovered that Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS) – needed to find a way to feed 30 unsheltered locals on weekends for whom SOS has found hotel rooms in this winter’s cold. SOS serves two meals a day Monday through Friday.

Within hours Bell rounded up free meat from her finest purveyor and produce from a different supplier and committed to SOS Executive Director Kathy King to feed those 30 people every weekend in February. And Bell was happy to pay her own kitchen staff to prepare the food. At that time only Kathy King, Elaine Bell, SOS chefs and I knew of this commitment.

The same week, Bell and I heard from Sonoma Community Center Executive Director Charlotte Hajer that Elaine had been selected as the Community Center’s 2022 Muse.

And how appropriate.

According to Hajer, “Every year, the center celebrates a person who embodies its mission to cultivate a vibrant community through extraordinary creative, cultural, and learning experiences. A Muse is someone who, through example and service, inspires us all to do and be our best.